Green Teas and Yixing Teapots

New limited Yixing teapots and the latest green teas have arrived!
Yixing teapots are the collector’s items, the prized possession of tea aficionados who can not do without. The reason is because Yixing is the historical ore that produced the kinds of clays that elicits the best qualities out of all kinds of teas, especially the complex types of teas. To that end, collectors marvel over dedicated which clay to what tea, what shape of teapot design pours or steeps the best. Choose a higher metal content clay to extract the high mineral teas such as the Wuyi or High Mountain oolongs, or a sandy, more porous clay for bright and light oxidation oolongs, or the denser clays for Pu-erh or black teas. Green and white teas require a lower temperature so most aficionados use porcelain for steeping those relatively more simple teas.
Speaking of green teas, we just air freighted our Wild Foraged Green and Anhui Yellow green teas in! The Anhui Yellow is a custom ordered tea that is so laborious that it is practically a lost art, and the Wild tea takes trekking all over the pristine, untouched Jin Zhai mountains of Anhui to obtain. Both precious and holds up to seasonality, we encourage green tea aficionados to try these two late season greens for year round enjoyment!

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