For the Love of Tea: Seven Cups

From one of our regular customers:

Recently I have been facing some challenging times at work, a long strenuous series of struggles that just have not been resolved. Noticing that it is finally taking a toll on me, physically, mentally and emotionally – it was becoming unbearable and my communication with my closest coworkers was becoming more unproductive and less humane.

This morning I found myself sitting down in the corner of the small sunroom at my home enjoying a pot of silver needle white tea. As the rays of sunshine went back and forth, covered and uncovered by the clouds in the bright blue sky, nonstop random thoughts crossed my mind over and over.

By the third or fourth cup of tea my body started to relax and my mind gently, slowing became more quiet. Leaning back against the wall settling in and putting it all down finally I am not trying to do anything, answer anything, solve anything, and I am quiet.

By the fifth or sixth cup my body is becoming lighter and my mind calmer, a certain spaciousness is opening up where all that appears is gratitude for all of my friends, my family, and my coworkers and every single human being. An understanding of how, through these recent challenges and struggles, they were in fact helping me to think differently, to DO differently. A new insight – now I can let go of the old non-functional patterns and turn a brand new page.

By the eighth cup every cell in my body is singing a praise for this mystery, a deep feeling in my own body, digging deeper then ever before right down to the tips of my nervous system. My whole being is filled with gratitude.

This has happened to my before, a simple pot of tea would bring me back to focus, center me and allow the winds of gratitude to gently blow again. Suddenly, I notice a few birds in the yard are also singing their songs, and it feels as though we are in unison. Life has become gentle again, expansive again.

This 2000 year old tradition has endured until now. It is a simple act, one pot of tea, and within it the vast universe awaits us all.  May this tradition connect us, gently opening our hearts, expanding our minds to witness the kindness and love that surrounds us. That is in fact our true nature. — B.N.

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