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Gift Guide : Give the Perfect Tea

During the holiday season, there are many giftees to consider, not to mention parties to attend. Often, we grapple with what to bring the hostess, what to gift our office mates or best clients, and for that friend who is an aficionado, how can you bring something appropriately impressive without breaking the bank? The gifts you bring should be unique and carry a special message as well, if possible! For the many parties to attend, the hostess gift is usually a bottle of wine, but tea will be served at the surefire dessert time. Help the hostess impress her guests with farm direct, high elevation artisan teas that are whole, loose tea leaves, for a healthy and impressive experience that few have had. Teance features many smaller size samplers that allows the hostess to choose to serve a range of options, and a teapot like this Kinto teapot will be much…