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Make your best pot of tea. Start with the right teapot.

The “teapot” as a concept is seemingly a simple device, but each individual teapot has a unique functionality directly related to its material composition and vessel form. When choosing a teapot for use or purchase there are a few factors to consider. Tune in to Facebook live for Teance Tea Lab  with Trevor on Wednesday 9/12 at 10am for more information. MATERIAL COMPOSITION GLAZED CERAMIC Does not add, take away, or adjust the flavors of the tea. Has a high retention for the water temperature. This means the hot water put in the glazed ceramic vessel will not lose its heat very fast. Ideal for most teas and herbal teas. The most neutral material of the three. UNGLAZED CERAMIC OR STONEWARE Yixing ware is a typical example. Water temperature retention is similar to glazed wares This material is porous. These porous wares will season with usage. This means the tea…

The Red Tea varietals are harvested with the smaller, more…

The Red Tea varietals are harvested with the smaller, more tender, less fibrous, leaves of the large leaf varietals. The wilting is done with warm room temperature air through the trough, and lots of hand fluffing, which sets apart the Gongfu Red Tea tradition despite the modern technology. Above: the Ruby 21 vs the Ruby 18. Ruby 18 in the spring, in this drought ridden year, sports an extremely unique palate fragrance of Hinoki wood. It is intoxicating and unlike any tea in the world I have ever tasted. For tea aficionados, it is another notch in the belt…..

One more treat not to be missed: Mr. Wei has successfully…

One more treat not to be missed: Mr. Wei has successfully produced an amazing Gongfu Red tea, oxidized for 48 hours naturally, made with the very top of the line Phoenix Almond leaves. I will have just about 10 lbs of this and will make it available for pre- order soon. I am highly motivated to do these Gongfu Red teas justice- from now on, Black teas are black teas made by machine. Gongfu Hongcha or Red tea made by hand, will have its own category. You wouldn’t call a diamond glass, champagne a beverage, nor poetry the alphabet, right?

The name of this tea will be Phoenix Almond Gongfu Red. There is really, nothing black tea about it. Once you have all tried it, (should be online under Pre-order soon) hopefully you’ll know why it must be a different category!