Why Connoisseur Teas?

Nowadays, fortunately we are no longer in a position of consumption only out of necessity. Experiencing the artistry of cuisine, appreciating the hand crafted nuances, connecting with the artisan whose passion and lifelong work is in that cheese, or chocolate, or in our case, tea. 

Tea, a 5000 year living culture, is experiencing a renaissance, one where you can experience the most traditional techniques (like Wuyi oolongs), the oldest living trees (like the Pu-erh made from 250 or 1500 year old trees), to the newest varietals (like the Ruby Red), or the most unusual innovations (like the Honey Jialong) alike.

It is a great time to be alive enjoying tea, and if mere thirst quenching is not the only purpose you are after, then experience the connoisseur teas that we seek out far and wide. Some are available to purchase on a limited basis, but many can only be experienced if you subscribe to the connoisseur subscription program. We continue to curate the rarest and the best each season, so sign up and find out the next level in your tea experience!

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