Tea Life

Bringing Tea: Introducing Friends to the Practice of Tea

I hesitate to call it a practice. Truthfully, I even hesitate to introduce tea. With a reputation for being fussy or overly complicated or just foreign it always felt that it had to be the right place and the right time to bring tea to a friend’s house. Typically the intention is of having what is commonly referred to in the tea world as a “session”. This often consists of putting a kettle on, heating a gaiwan or yixing teapot, pulling out the really good tea, being willing to sip out of small tiny cups that look comical, taking some time to sit together, and then allowing  time and the conversation to unfold, keep pouring the hot water in, keep pouring the tea out filing cup upon cup until everyone is a little more relaxed and a little more awake. With a bit of courage, and with tea in hand, I drove…

For the Love of Tea: Seven Cups

From one of our regular customers: Recently I have been facing some challenging times at work, a long strenuous series of struggles that just have not been resolved. Noticing that it is finally taking a toll on me, physically, mentally and emotionally – it was becoming unbearable and my communication with my closest coworkers was becoming more unproductive and less humane. This morning I found myself sitting down in the corner of the small sunroom at my home enjoying a pot of silver needle white tea. As the rays of sunshine went back and forth, covered and uncovered by the clouds in the bright blue sky, nonstop random thoughts crossed my mind over and over. By the third or fourth cup of tea my body started to relax and my mind gently, slowing became more quiet. Leaning back against the wall settling in and putting it all down finally I am not trying to do…

How to make tea the right way: A step by step process

Tea making is an art, and the more one masters the basic fundamentals of technique, the more one can free flow and adapt. Of course, we are referring to the art of steeping whole leaf, preferably artisan made teas. Incidentally, water, equipment, and serving vessels are all important supporting characters to the actual tea ingredient itself. Choose the tea you want to steep by its quality first, then seasonality second. High quality leaves will stand up to storage and time much better than tea dust and fannings, which are usually, not fresh. Once you have chosen the tea you wish to steep, prepare the following: Water: Choose spring waters, or carbon-filtered water. Higher mineral waters are usually preferred. Temperature: Heat up the water to the right temperature for the appropriate tea. The temperature range for most green teas are between 150-170 F, for White teas between 170-180 F, Oolongs from…

Matchagato, like an Affogato but greener

Our selectively sourced matcha, from Uji Japan, has a uniquely designed stone mill, which has been family secret for generations. One member of this family is in trusted with this secret, and given the task of hand making these ancient devices. Our farmers also only use the highest grade, shade grown Gyokuro, in turn producing a creamy, smooth, and extra frothy matcha! Buy Wako Matcha